Things ain’t what they used to be

Crocodile Tears

“I miss all those dinosaurs,” said the old croc to his mate, I haven’t seen them for a while. Where’ve they been of late?”

“Lizards, lizards everywhere and not one worth a skink; Komodos might be scary but they create such a stink.”

“I’ve not tasted cœlocanth for many, many a year, I could be mistaken but they’re dying out, I fear.”

“Evolution’s in reverse, the going’s getting rough, it seems only bacteria are made of the right stuff.”

“Alligators aren’t the same – they haven’t got the weight – and caymans are so flimsy, that’s why the world’s in such a state.”

“The birds are so much prettier but they vanish in a blink; you need some pterodactyls to make you stop and think.”

“The insects are still with us – thank Darwin for this skin! – though they grow smaller all the time. Are they giving in?”

His missus answered finally in a voice both deep and gruff, “Are you eating that wildebeest or have you had enough?”

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