Below is a collection of audio readings recorded in .mp3 format. I’ve introduced various guest readers. Hopefully, if like most, you are busy then this is something you can listen to in the background … “whistle while you work!” Apologies to BBC Radio 4 for nicking their programme title.
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Listen to a performance from Wyrd Ways Art Collaborative, Exeter

The piece below is read by myself  Richard Skerman

This selection comes from ‘The Feast of the Dead’, a collection on the themes of war, mass murder and other crimes. Not cheerful but serious. The reader is  Robert Crick.

Koba was a nom-de-guerre and later nickname for Joseph Stalin.

In case you’re wondering, ‘Only little brown men’ is a quote from a US Army general talking about the indigenous people of Central America being slaughtered by their governments in the name of ‘anti-communist control’.

The section below is read by  Jim Ewan