Tag: narcissism

I love to dance, I love to cook,
I love to eat and smoke and drink,
to hear good stories and good music,
to read and talk and write and think.

I love to hold my lover tight,
to stroke and lick and fuck and kiss.
It took a lot of practice but
now I’ve reached a state of bliss.

I love playing with the band
when the crowd is on its feet;
it’s not the noise alone that’s fun
but the people that you meet.

The joy we share with others is
one of life’s great satisfactions,
another is, not least, to be
at the centre of the action.

I’ve come late to performing arts –
it’s quite a big accomplishment,
acting’s not a thing for which
I’ve ever felt encouragement.

I tried to take up teaching but
the kids were not impressed with me.
I guess that’s ’cos I haven’t got
the aura of authority.

I don’t mind so much the fact
that I’m not seen to be the boss
and yet I wish someone would take me
just a bit more serious.