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ii. Secondary i.

Then I passed 11+ and it was back to all boys:
seven years of being bored right out of my wits,
not forgetting the five being tortured and squashed –
I was so easy to wind up they couldn’t resist.
My chances of meeting with girls were so limited
‘cos I didn’t have sisters to fight and to argue with
it was well-nigh impossible to learn how to play,
let alone how to talk and even make friends with.

Our headmaster was a moderniser, he thought,
and thus, in first year, sex education was taught.
The teacher was ancient and useless as well,
he used to fill blackboards with acres of script
that we had to copy in exercise books.
I always wrote slowly and couldn’t keep up
and he would rub out work before I got there –
I gave up on Biology in plain despair.

We studied the glands of a rabbit in chalk
and thus came to the gonads at the end of the year
and then, as we slavered in anticipation,
at last he arrived at human procreation.
He projected a photo of a woman unclothed –
some innocent Papuan at 25 yards
with a fuzzy vague patch of dark pubic hair
and, with his school pointer, simply said, “There!”

He talked about semen and ova at speed
and said that a man passed a women his seed
when they slept together, but didn’t say how.
I sat there and puzzled how they came together
and imagined the sperm seeping out of a dick,
crawling over the sheets between a couple in bed
and into her hole while both of them slept.
With instruction like this it’s amazing we bred.