The Capitano

“I’m not Harlequin or the old Clown
nor any you’ve seen in your town,
no, I’m not one of those mentioned above,
my character’s plain and so is my fame –
I am the pirate of love.

In my suit of rich flames, with more reprobates,
I drum what you feel in your heart
and, if you like to play games and to reach heightened states,
you’re welcome to join and take part.

It is a matter of common record
that women like pirates aboard
so, when they hove to and I came alongside,
their hatches were soon open wide.

I do not boast anywise but many of my prizes –
succumbing after a long cannonade –
had already met brigands of different sizes
and allowed that my shots were well laid.

There must be something scaring about my proud bearing
that had women daring
to trial my skill with the sword,
but I was too caring,
despite the mask I was wearing,
and, all too soon, those pretties were bored.

I enjoyed taking capture and ravishing their honour
but valued the treasure I took.
Now I’ve quit the sea and don’t sail upon ‘er,
I just count up my hoard in a book.