Looks a like a xmas card outside
though Spring is on its way,
March is known for cold winds first*
but not the Arctic’s usually.

Greetings cards are not much use
to get seeds planted in the fields
and chocolate eggs won’t help a lot
to improve the annual yields.

The climate’s in a total mess,
the bosses stall and lie.
We going to do something about it
or wait until we die?

I sit indoors to keep me warm –
the whiskey helps as well for sure –
I’ve caused as much trouble as I can
but nothing yet provides a cure.

We sing our songs and shout out loud
and try to tear the walls all down
but still the master stands there proud –
he doesn’t know that he’s the clown.

We’re deep in shit, it’s getting worse,
to how we going to end this show?
Stand up tall and end the curse
or watch it covered up with snow?

rs 5.5.18