I’m no ursuper nor a saint
and, if you think I’m simple,
that for sure I ain’t.

I go by many names, it’s true –
Harlequin is one
but elsewhere, please excuse .. Eshu!

As I was saying, I’m somewhat difficult
to pin down – a tricky clown
and even too, at times, occult.

Some say I am a nancy –
I can be gay .. or straight,
whatever takes your fancy.

I get called ‘poor devil’,
a fool, a clot.
Let’s keep in on the level ..

.. a devil, yes, but poor I’m not,
or else I’m poor and not so bad –
depends which way you stir the pot.

I wear a mask but don’t we all?
Are my colours red or black?
As we say, ‘Well it’s your call’.

I turn this way and then that.
Watch closely or you’ll miss it –
I’m faster than a hungry bat.

Call me when you’re stuck for choices
at the crossroads or the gate.
Call me when you’re hearing voices ..

.. but don’t know what they’re telling you.
I don’t have answers – well not many –
but may know other ones who do.

I’m good at introductions – exits too.
How you use that information
is entirely up to you.

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