(another tale for the nearly grown-up)

I met her in a small country inn in a faraway land. After agreeing a fee for the interview, it went like this:

Self: “So, what should I call you?”

C: “You can call me Cindy.”

Self: “Thank you for seeing me Cindy. Now what my readers would really like to know was what it was like being married to the prince.”

C: “Like being married.”

Self: “Can you give us more details?”

C: “Are many of your readers married women?”

Self: “Lots of them, but more are young unmarried women who dream of doing what you did.”

C: ”Leave their husbands?”

Self: “No, I mean marry a prince.”

C: “That was an accident.”

Self: “I don’t understand.”

C: “I just wanted to go to a dance. The rest was out of my control. That so-called fairy godmother set it all up.”

Self: “You didn’t want to marry the prince?”

C: “I didn’t know any better!”